Tommy Burton

Director of Fun With Numbers related movies and other projects from the Envision team.

America: The Way I See It--The Cooter Ray Movie (1996) -- Co-directed with Rusty Spell. This movie is at once a standalone movie and also a perfect tying together of loose characters from the Fun With Numbers video series. The basic premise of the movie is that all sorts of stereotypes walk around interacting with each other (rednecks, black people, gays, news reporters, hunters, drunks, Canadians, etc.), so it's one of those "offend no one by offending everyone" type of deals. The humor works pretty well, though there aren't exactly any "jokes" to be found. The plot is as simple and loose as most screwball comedies, but the plot itself takes up maybe two minutes of the movie while the rest is pretty interesting character study. A movie that works in spite of itself. B

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