Vadim Jean

British chap with a French name.

Jiminy Glick in La La Wood (2004) -- These kind of movies can often go wrong, but this one goes in most of the correct directions.  It was a wise move to make this a "nasty" movie (a "rated R comedy," as they're calling them these days), since these kinds of TV characters can translate to family fluff on the movie screen if not treated correctly--instead, there's plenty of semi-edgy and bizarre humor, often sexual, and it allows us to see a side of Martin Short we don't often see.  Also, since these kind of movies are essentially showcases for little funny scenes and (in this case) celebrity cameos, it was a good idea to string everything together with a dream-logic plot rather than an actual one.  To make this more apparent (and funny), one of the major characters in the movie is David Lynch (played by Martin Short in ways that are both accurate and ridiculous) who is the puppeteer for all of the events in the movie.  (The movie's not perfect; there's a really annoying sound design, for example.)  And all of these factors, of course, means that the audience for the movie will be limited, but of course that's what makes it stand out. B

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