Walter Hill

Producer of the Alien franchise and director of stuff like 48 Hrs.

The Warriors (1979) -- This has become a cult favorite, taking a little over twenty years to really enter into the mainstream again.  I of course see why.  What college kid wouldn't get a kick out of gangs dressed up like baseball players and mimes?  Unfortunately, I'm not able to enjoy anything anymore except on the level that it was intended, so camp doesn't really work for me (though I do admit it's fun to say "Warriors, come out and pla-ay").  So I'm left with the movie, which begins interestingly enough: a fantastic buildup of some almost-religious figure uniting every gang in the city to join up and take over.  This is how the movie begins?  We don't even get thirty minutes of seeing the gangs fighting each other before finally teaming up?  Okay, fine, we'll cut to the big climactic war then, awesome.  However... instead of this promised war, we get a definite anti-climax of some guy randomly shooting the leader and blaming it on the Warriors, throwing the premise into a pit, and instead making the plot "Will the Warriors get home okay?"  Who cares?  The Warriors are pieces of shit like everyone else: violent murdering rapists, etc.  We're back to square one, gangs fighting each other, just all against one instead of all against all.  One day someone will make the movie about Cyrus and his unification, but until then we have this pointless costume drama. C

Brewster's Millions (1985) -- About what you'd expect from Richard Pryor, John Candy, and this premise piece. C

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