Ward Kimball

One of Disney's Nine Old Men -- the one with the big black glasses -- who directed the Tomorrowland segments of the Disneyland TV show as well as being an animator on the big movies and such short classics as "Toot, Whistle, Plunk, Boom."

Disneyland: Man in Space (1955) -- This TV episode was released theatrically in 1956 and was a very accurate and entertaining prediction of how man would arrive at and survive in outer space. B

Disneyland: Man and the Moon (1955) -- Though never shown theatrically, this episode is actually more entertaining than the previous, especially for the sophisticated humor shown in the animated segments. B

Disneyland: Mars and Beyond (1957) -- Released theatrically in 1958, this might have been the best of the "Man in Space" series by Ward Kimball, again because of its very adult and inventive animation. B

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