Will Speck

Co-director of Blades of Glory.

Like It Blades of Glory (2007) -- Directed with Josh Gordon.  By this point, there had emerged an entire sub-genre of comedy movies featuring "silly" sports like dodgeball, NASCAR, and ping-pong, and Will Ferrell seemed to be in most of them.  Comedy movies had also gotten a big boost lately with top-notch stuff like Borat and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, though there were even more crappy comedies of course.  Blades of Glory isn't one of the new classics like Talladega Nights (a top-notch silly sports comedy), but it isn't a crappy one either.  It's somewhere in the middle.  The movie is funny throughout, the plot doesn't get in the way (in fact, it enhances the movie), the side characters are funny, and everything more or less works.  I might even like it better if I watch it again.  It seems like one that could possibly improve with age, as we move out of this comedy era where you expect exactly this kind of thing to appear.

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