The Apples in Stereo

The Apples are probably the second best band in the Elephant Six collective (Neutral Milk Hotel being the first).  They make fun pop songs.

see Neutral Milk Hotel

Information: The Apples In Stereo
Suggested First Purchase: Fun Trick Noisemaker

Like It Fun Trick Noisemaker (1995) -- The music sounds like the title of the album, more or less.  Sometimes less fun, less tricky, and less noisy than it might imply.  I like it, but I guess I'm so used to this kind of music by now that sometimes it just sounds like everything else.

Like It Tone Soul Evolution (1997) -- Prettier and more polished (in a good way) than the first album. More great pop songs.

Like It Her Wallpaper Reverie (1999) -- I could do without the redundant toy piano motif that interrupts the flow (which I guess was put there to make this approximately LP length?), but the songs themselves are pretty great, nice little Beatley pop tunes.

Like It The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone (2000) -- This is the one that has "Go," their best song.

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