The A-Teens

Swedish teenagers whose debut was a collection of ABBA covers.  Albums of non-ABBA material followed, unfortunately.

Information: A-Teens
Suggested first purchase/album: The ABBA Generation
Suggested best of: Greatest Hits

The ABBA Generation (1999) -- This album does one thing: proves that ABBA are great.  The A-Teens are Swedish teenagers that would eventually prove how shitty they are (with their followup albums of non-ABBA songs), but even these nothing new or special covers of ABBA make you get up and dance and enjoy the ABBA goodness.  The four kids claim to have a deep love for ABBA, but the song selection and arrangements show that they probably just have a copy of ABBA Gold that they enjoyed one summer.  One day they'll grow up and realize how serious some of the songs they're singing are, but until that time there's nothing wrong with one more reminder of ABBA's perfection. B

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