Atom and His Package

Adam Goren and his synthesizers (and guitars) sing catchy and kinda funny songs.

Information: Atom and His Package
Suggested first purchase: Redefining Music

Really Like It Making Love (1999) -- Collects three EPs -- Behold, I Shall Do a New Thing, Gun Court 4, and Atom and His Rockage (live tracks performed under the name Lobster Mobster) -- and compilation tracks.  With the exception of the live tracks in the middle, the collection has a nice flow to it like a regular album.  At any rate, it's essential for fans of the Package.

Really Like It Redefining Music (2001) -- Every song on this collection is really good and catchy.  You end up admiring Adam for his judgmental songs (such as "If You Own the Washington Redskins, You're a Cock") rather than being annoyed by them.  This one even features three covers of Mountain Goats songs for extra credibility.

Really Like It Attention, Blah Blah Blah (2003) -- Music about getting used to the idea of becoming an adult, like remodeling houses or trying to convince yourself that you don't want kids even though your (male) biological clock is telling you otherwise.  A lot of it is, anyway.  Some of it is about wanting to marry your grandmother, which is roughly the same thing (or a denial of it) if you think about it.  The music is fun and has fun noises from the package and has just a dash of Blink-182 in it.  An album that starts off okay and gets catchier as you listen to it.

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