The B-52's

A fun group of kids from Georgia who make kitsch danceable.

see Fred Schneider

Information: The B-52's Official Website
Suggested first purchase/album: Cosmic Thing
Suggested best of: Time Capsule

Like It The B-52's (1979) -- I'm sure if I'd heard this in 1979, I'd have freaked out.  I still like it, and it includes "Planet Claire," "Rock Lobster," and other fun retro-dance songs from one of the more successful concept bands.

Love It Cosmic Thing (1989) -- The comeback album, after a decade of apparently not living up to their debut, and my favorite.  "Love Shack" has become my least favorite track due to overplay on the radio alone (I still think it's a good song), and this also includes "Dry County," "Deadbeat Club," and "Roam."  I like every song and it still reminds me of the lovely summer of 1989.

Indifferent or Mixed Good Stuff (1992) -- What proved to be their last album, this one kind of feels like a not-as-good version of Cosmic Thing. Missing all kinds of members at this point, this was more of a fizzle-out record. Not horrible though. Probably the most famous of the used CD records.

Really Like It Time Capsule (1998) -- This is the best B-52's collection out there and chronologically presents the best songs from the first album through Good Stuff, plus two new songs.  It's perfect if you just want one CD of their stuff, or if you have the best two albums (the first one and Cosmic Thing) and want to round out your collection.

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