The most successful UK girl group of all time.  Eventually one of the three members left to form Shakespeare's Sister.

Information: Bananarama
Suggested first purchase/best of: The Very Best of Bananarama
Suggested first album: Deep Sea Skiving

Like It The Greatest Hits Collection (1988) -- Even though songs like "Venus," "I Heard a Rumor," and "Cruel Summer" were played so much on the radio back in the 80s that anyone alive then would still be sick of this band decades later, this is actually a pretty good collection from a band that's better than you remember them being.  A lot of the songs are just reworkings of the ones listed above, but some of the good and more interesting tunes include "Love in the First Degree," "Nathan Jones," "He Was Really Sayin' Somethin'," "Robert De Niro's Waiting," and "Aie a Mwana."  The Very Best of Bananarama is the more comprehensive collection (it has everything on this collection and much more), but this is a good one if you want to focus on their early years.

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