Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Imagine if Elvis had never got fatter but got louder, started shooting for the indie kids instead of the Vegas crowd, became more funny and self-aware, and decided that his music needed to be "preached"... oh, and he became buddies with Calvin Johnson.

see Dub Narcotic Sound System, Boss Hog

Information: Matador Records
Suggested first purchase: Acme

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (1992) -- This is good if you turn it up loud enough, seriously. Otherwise, you might not like it. C

Experimental Remixes EP (1995) -- I haven't heard the original songs yet, so maybe I can't properly judge the remixes. But the album seems okay for some interesting noises every now and then, not for regular song listening. C

Now I Got Worry (1996) -- This album is raunchy and abrasive in a good way. The first track is called "Skunk," so need I say more? "Fuck Shit Up" might be another descriptive song title. Pretty good crap to listen to. B

Acme (1998) -- Lots of weird remixing (guest producers like Calvin Johnson) went on in this album, but it didn't seem to hurt it, just made it sound kind of interesting. The songs themselves are more memorable than on the last album, which was more noise than melody. You can almost sing along to some of these. B

Xtra Acme USA (1999) -- A remix and outtakes album of Acme, but better than that makes it sound, since this works by itself as a record (unlike, say, the Experimental Remixes EP). It's also part of the trilogy consisting of this, Acme, and Dub Narcotic's Sideways Soul in which musical themes overlap. Still, it's not quite as good as Acme, though very interesting and often groovable. B

Plastic Fang (2002) -- Just kind of "another Jon Spencer Blues Explosion" record at this point. Nothing much new, just good-enough crazy rock. I do like the fact that it has a werewolf obsession. B

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