The Brady Bunch

The Brady kids had to keep up with the Partridges and form their own family group.  They put out four albums as well as singing on the show.

Information: Wikipedia
Suggested first purchase/best of: It's a Sunshine Day--The Best of the Brady Bunch
Suggested first album: The Kids from the Brady Bunch

Really Like It It's a Sunshine Day: The Best of the Brady Bunch (1993) -- This album collects a sampling from the four Brady Bunch albums (including their Christmas album debut); promos; an unreleased version of the theme song; singles from Barry Williams, Maureen McCormick, and Florence Henderson singles; and a song from the mysterious Chris Knight and Maureen McCormick album (which features only Marsha and Peter).  One Brady Bunch album is all anyone needs, I suppose, and this is the one to get.  Some of the songs are goofy fun, and some of them are truly good, especially "It's a Sunshine Day," "Keep On," and "Time To Change."

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