Bran Van 3000

A weird crazy dance group from Canada.

Information: Bran Van 3000
Suggested first purchase: Glee

Really Like It Glee (1998) -- For a dance album, you sure can't dance to it most of the time.  This is the biggest flaw of the album, but also a sacrifice that was made for the jump-around quality the album has which makes it so funny and clever lots of the time: more clever than the more traditional dance album that would follow.  Some of the album is funny, too.  Highlights include "Couch Surfer," "Drinking In L.A.," "Cum On Feel the Noise," "Exactly Like Me," and "Supermodel."

Indifferent or Mixed Discosis (2001) -- Where the first album was flawed yet really fun, this one has a consistency (which most critics seem like like in this album), but it's just not too fun or as inventive.  A few good tracks, like "Speed."

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