The Cars

New Wave, Punk, AM Radio... everything. That's The Cars. There's no reason anyone should dislike this music.

Information: Electra
Suggested first purchase/best of: Complete Greatest Hits
Suggested first album: Heartbeat City

Greatest Hits (1985) -- There's not a bad song on this album. For a more complete greatest hits, you should pick up (obviously) Complete Greatest Hits, but this was a pretty classic collection when it first came out, featuring all these hits and even a new hit with "Tonight She Comes." A

Just What I Needed: The Cars Anthology (1995) -- Ten years after the first greatest hits, they put out this 2 CD set, and it's about all the Cars you'll ever need. Though if you're really just interested in the hits songs (and, in the case of this band, those songs are actually the best) then I'd just pick up Complete Greatest Hits. B

Complete Greatest Hits (2002) -- An expansion of the first greatest hits album, but more concise than the second greatest hits anthology, making it the best thing to get for someone looking for all those great Cars songs. A

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