The Cranberries

I pull out The Cranberries every now and then, when I'm in a semi-dreamy mood or something. Maybe at Christmas.

Information: The Cranberries Official Site
Suggested First Purchase: Stars--The Best of 1992-2002
Suggested first album: Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?

Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? (1993) -- The standouts are "Dreams" (that perfect movie preview song) and the other big single "Linger," and the rest of the album works pretty nicely too. Kinda lovely stuff. B

No Need To Argue (1994) -- Well, it's pretty much the same album as the first one (even with "Zombie"), which always makes me want to take my favorite tracks from these two and combine them into one really good record. The eventual greatest hits eventually sort of does this, I suppose. However, there are probably more songs on this album that you remember while not listening to them, like "Ode To My Family," "Zombie," the pretty "Dreaming My Dreams," and "No Need To Argue." Again, the album works well as pleasant music to play in the background or listen to specifically. B

To the Faithful Departed (1996) -- Everyone hates this album because they leave behind their prettiness in order to make "Zombie" over and over with that heavy metal producer guy, not to mention Delores's naive lyrics about war, drugs, and John Lennon. But who cares? I know lyrics count, but just don't take them seriously and you're left with some good music and songs that will stick in your mind better than some of the more whistful stuff of the first two. "Salvation," "When You're Gone," "Joe," and "Bosnia" are standouts. B

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