Debbie Gibson

The best teen princess of all time.  Debbie Gibson looked and sounded like the prettiest girl in your high school, and her songs were near perfect.  And she did it all herself, unlike the rest of 'em.  Also, she has a great ass.

Information: Deborah Gibson
Suggested first purchase/best of: Greatest Hits
Suggested first album: Out of the Blue

Greatest Hits (1996) -- This contains all of the hit singles Debbie released from her first three albums, before she became Deborah.  Since it doesn't go into her later stuff (like her Broadway album), this collection is perfect for everyone who wants nothing but hit after hit.  And that's what's here: "Only In My Dreams," "Electric Youth," "Shake Your Love," "No More Rhyme," "Out of the Blue," and others.  In fact, the only thing "wrong" with the album is the inclusion of three remixes at the end.  Even if you got sick of Debbie Gibson's songs in the 80s, now that a few decades have passed you can pick up this collection and realize how good the songs actually are. A

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