Depeche Mode

Dark electronic band, essential listening for moody teenagers everywhere.

see Yaz, The Assembly, Erasure, Vince Clarke

Information: Depeche Mode Dot Com
Suggested first purchase/best of: The Singles 86>98
Suggested first album: Violator

Speak & Spell (1981) -- The first Depeche Mode album and the only one featuring Vince Clarke (who, the next year, formed Yaz, and then Erasure) as the primary songwriter.  Though Depeche Mode's sound would evolve into darker territory  (which worked well for them), Clarke's bubbly stuff is present here (though clashing a bit with the band's underlying aesthetics) in songs like "Dreaming of Me," "What's Your Name?" (which is downright bubblegum), and the hit "Just Can't Get Enough."  A consistent electronic record and probably the last bit of gay romping Depeche Mode ever had. B

The Singles 81>85 (1998) -- Single versions of all the hits of this era (handy for even those who have the albums, where the mixes are often different), featuring the Vince Clarke stuff like "Just Can't Get Enough" as well as the other big ones like "See You," "Everything Counts," and "People Are People." B

The Singles 86>98 (1998) -- Part two of this singles collection, this one is a two-disc set.  The first disc is fantastic, featuring "A Question of Lust," "Strangelove," "Personal Jesus," "Enjoy the Silence," and "Policy of Truth" among other enjoyable songs.  The second disc won't be listened to as much, though it's okay as moody music when you're bored of the huge hits. One wishes that they would have made the first collection the two CD set so that all the biggest hits would be found in one collection. B

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