Destiny's Child

Those bootylicious gals, the Supremes for the turn of the century.

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Information: Destiny's Child
Suggested first purchase/best of: #1's
Suggested first album: Survivor

Indifferent or Mixed Survivor (2001) -- Half of their album is some of their greatest hits, and the other half is somewhat interesting (and also not interesting) filler material.  The best stuff is "Independent Women Pt. 1," "Survivor" (sort of), their greatest hit of all "Bootylicious," and "Nasty Girl," and those are the first four songs.  After that, it's a bit uneven, but never too terrible.  Their version of "Emotion" isn't half bad, and the last track of them thanking each other is kinda cute.

Really Like It #1's (2005) -- Destiny's Child is one of those bands where the singles are better than the albums, so a greatest hits is the way to go with these girls.  Almost all of the singles are represented here (even if all of them aren't really #1s), though a more comprehensive package (that I hope comes out eventually) should feature good album tracks or foreign singles ("Nasty Girl" comes to mind).  Unfortunately, since apparently Destiny's Child can't make an album without filler, they've thrown in some new shitty songs.  And they've thrown in a Beyoncé song, "Check On It," that's really good but not a Destiny's Child song, so it doesn't make sense here.  But aside from some flaws, we get "Independent Women," "Survivor," "Jumpin' Jumpin'," "Lose My Breath," "Say My Name," "Emotion," "Bug-a-Boo," "Bootylicious," and "Bills Bills Bills," and more, which is a pretty fancy sampling of some of the best radio songs to come out in the last five or six years.

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