Digital Underground

Shock G (and his alter-ego, Humpy Hump) and his band of crazy rappers.

Information: Shock G
Suggested first purchase/album: Sex Packets
Suggested best of: Playwutchyalike--The Best of Digital Underground

Sex Packets (1990) -- A goofy album, fitting right in with the time in which it came out and at the same time defying the rap genre and even parodying it, but not in obvious, "novelty" ways.  The first song is the most memorable, "The Humpty Dance," creating the character (and dance) Humpty Hump.  It's a goofy song, but it never gets old, and it's actually really good.  "Doowutchyalike" is the other famous song from this album and it's pretty fun through the whole of its nine minutes.  Songs like "The Way We Swing" (in which they outline why they are different from others) and many of the songs from the sex packets ending are nice, though -- as you might expect -- much of the album is just filling up space.  A greatest hits might be the way to go with Digital Underground (though I'm not yet familiar with many of their other songs off this album), but Sex Packets stands by itself as an interesting artifact of rap history. B

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