DJ Rus

The DJ from DNS goes solo, making more melodic, less harsh raps than DNS.

see DNS

Information: Love and Letters Music
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DJ Rus (2003) -- The first album feels like a necessary little start, but almost a wasted effort. It's short (35 minutes) and about half the songs are fully-developed ("Peace Out to the Gollum" and "(From) The Sky" being the standouts), leaving the rest for odd fillers like "Do You Know Scab?" (which introduces a song that doesn't really seem to fit on this album) and of course the self-explanatory "Obligatory Self-Indulgent Track" in which DJ Rus has a minor fight with his producer, Rusty Spell. Those things aside, this is great fun, and probably more generally listenable than DNS, and it seems like a hiccuppy little start from a rap artist who could change the hip-hop world if he'd be slightly less lazy about it. B

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