Don Williams

I grew up with this music, and he's even better than the other country guy I grew up with, Kenny Rogers.

Information: Don Williams
Suggested first purchase/best of: Anthology
Suggested first album: I Believe In You

Indifferent or Mixed The Best of Don Williams Volume III (1984) -- This isn't the best Don Williams collection of course (Anthology is the only one that has everything), but it's the one I grew up on (don't ask why we decided volume three was the way to go), so many of my favorites (for sentimental reasons, as well as their simply being good songs) are on here.  No reason not to get Anthology at this point, though.

Really Like It Anthology (2000) -- From what I can tell, a perfect Don Williams collection.  Disc 1 is the 70s and Disc 2 is the 80s, and it has all of his major songs, including my favorites, "Lay Down Beside Me," "Good Ole Boys Like Me," "I Believe In You," "Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good," "Listen To the Radio," and "Love Is On a Roll."

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