The Frogs

The only people I can compare these guys to are Ween (for comedy) and 'nikcuS (for adlibbing skills). Completely original and wonderful; perfect perfect songs, even beyond the funniness. Worth of being on anyone's top ten bands of all time list.

see The Last Hard Men

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Suggested First Purchase: My Daughter the Broad

Love It The Frogs (1988) -- The Frogs on this opening album seem to be working in the genre of bad music, making the best bad music that ever was made. There's something completely addictive about every song on this collection, for me--making it one of the most irresistible albums I've heard in a while. Where some bands write songs with huge hooks, The Frogs write songs with little tiny fish hooks that keep pulling you along.

Love It It's Only Right and Natural (1989) -- The debut album was so more or less "straight" (pun intended) that it makes this album even funnier: a collection of adlibbed songs about being gay. I thought the only gut funny band was Ween (and only early Ween) before I heard this. Don't be confused though. It's not just funny, but deeply funny. Not a comedy album at all. And extremely extremely musical. This isn't a band that relies on shocking titles and subject matter. Above all, they make great music, just like they did on the first album.

Love It My Daughter the Broad (1996) -- Although not released until 1996, this is actually a compilation of songs from their "made up tapes" from the late 80s. There are several more "gay" songs on here which should have been on the previous album, where several non-gay songs from the previous album could have better appeared here, thematically-speaking. But basically what we have here is one hour's worth of the funniest songs ever recorded, whether about a cripple fetish, pedophilia, over-the-top evilness, having extreme plastic surgery, dying goats, being hungry, being angry at someone who gave your daughter the dope, or simply grandma in the corner with a penis in her hand going "No, no, no, no, no." Even more than being just funny, like all Frogs releases, this is great music as music which will easily get stuck in your head.

Love It Starjob EP (1997) -- Six songs of near perfection, about a rock star. Some very rocking, some even beautiful. Produced by Billy Corgan (aka Johnny Goat). Maybe a jolt for those used to the more made-up quality of It's Only Right and Natural and My Daughter the Broad (though closer, instrumentally anyway, to Racially Yours and, structurally anyway, to The Frogs), but this EP shows The Frogs' range. Good good stuff.  You can also order a special version from their website that features the EP itself along with ten bonus tracks (demos) of the songs.

Love It Bananimals (1999) -- Another compilation of made-up songs, not quite as hilarious and wonderful as the previous, but still pretty much perfect. It completes the trio of these made-up song compilations. (If you still can't get enough, you can actually order the original made-up tapes from their website.)

Love It Racially Yours (2000) -- Released in 2000, but completed in 1993, no label would put this one out, mostly for the "racist" blackfaced album cover.  At first I thought this album was somewhat of a wasted opportunity, since it seemed more preachy than over-the-top in its message, but after several listens I changed my mind.  It is a long album, however, and actually gets depressing after a while with its discussion of racial problems stemming back to the Civil War.  So don't expect to laugh a lot, but do expect really pretty and serious songs that show off a new side of their genius.

Really Like It Hopscotch Lollipop Sunday Surprise (2001) -- A joke title, since this is a pretty "dark" album actually--both in content and in sound. Not as engaging as the albums with a more concentrated focus (even if that focus was to be funny), but every song is pretty nice--with some real love songs.

Really Like It Made-Up Cassettes A - D -- Four tapes worth of adlibbed songs (from 1989 or so) that went on make up part of My Daughter the Broad and Bananimals, available only from the Frogs directly, through their website.  It's a lot of stuff, kind of overwhelming, but great for fans of those two albums to hear the things that were recorded during the same session.

Really Like It Made-Up Songs 1-15 -- Pretty much the same as the previous "Made-Up Cassettes" series.

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