Future Bible Heroes

The Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merritt writes the lyrics and melodies while Figures on a Beach's Chris Ewen provides the synth-pop music. Claudia Gonson and Merritt share vocals. Together, they are a "holy trinity" of retro-greatness. It's also the Merritt project that sounds least like The Magnetic Fields.

see The Magnetic Fields, The 6ths, The Gothic Archies, Stephin Merritt

Information: Future Bible Heroes
Suggested First Purchase: Memories of Love

Memories of Love (1997) -- Whether intentional or not, this album and band has a 1980s synth sound to it, which is a good thing. Stephin Merritt's lyrics round these out in a good way (imagine if all those 80's songs would have had great lyrics to go with them). Highlights include "She-Devils of the Deep," "Blond Adonis," "But You're So Beautiful," and "Real Summer." B

I'm Lonely and I Love It EP (2000) -- The title track is great, as is "Good Thing I Don't Have Any Feelings." The other two new songs aren't as memorable, and a fourth version of "Hopeless" is a little tiring. B

Eternal Youth (2002) -- I'm not as taken with this release as I am with most FBH records (or Merritt projects in general). "Losing Your Affection," "Doris Daytheearthstoodstill," "I'm a Vampire" (maybe the best, and maybe because of Claudia's cute grad-student-next-door delivery), and "Kiss Me Only With Your Eyes" are nice, but the entire album has sort of a muddy feel in the sound (as opposed to the shiny feel of the first LP) and often Merritt's lyrics seem like he's parodying himself. But, of course, enough good stuff to get it, and everyone needs all the Merritts anyways. B

The Lonely Robot EP (2003) -- The longest EP ever (at well over 35 minutes, longer than some LPs), and I guess only called an EP cause there are eight songs (though some LPs only have that many) and because it's just a remix album. And as a remix album, I guess I forgive it, but (at least for me) bland remixes of already-not-spectacular songs don't make for a good listen (and the two new songs here aren't outstanding either). Interesting background music, but further proof that Future Bible Heroes is the least good of the Merritt bands. D

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