Huey Lewis and the News

The ultimate bar band, even more ultimate than Hootie and the Blowfish.  Fun, memorable songs.

Information: Huey Lewis and the News
Suggested first purchase/best of: Greatest Hits
Suggested first album: Sports

Time Flies: The Best of Huey Lewis and the News (1996) -- This isn't the perfect collection.  It's got some crappy songs that you don't know if you're a casual fan, and it doesn't have some that you do, like "Hip To Be Square" and "Jacob's Ladder."  I have it because I found a practically-free used copy, because the superior best of (Greatest Hits) hadn't come out yet, and because I'm not that huge of a fan anyway.  Even still, it's not a bad little collection, with songs like "The Heart of Rock and Roll," "Heart and Soul," "The Power of Love," "If This Is It," "Stuck With You," and others. B

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