Jad Fair

That crazy guy with big round black glasses.

See Daniel Johnston, DQE

Information: Jad Fair
Suggested first purchase: It's Spooky

Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston: It's Spooky (1989) -- This is Daniel Johnston recording with Jad Fair, the two of them sounding so alike you can't really tell them apart. Pretty great, cute, sweet, listenable songs. B

Jad Fair and Jason Willett: Enjoyable Songs (1999) -- Jad Fair recording with Jason Willett, a scattered mess of songs that's fine if you're in the mood for it. The songs about vampires are funny. C

DQE and Jad Fair: DQE and Jad Fair (2002) -- Average listening: seems to be more DQE than Jad Fair, and I'm not crazy about what I know of DQE.  C

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