Led Zeppelin

I always kinda liked Led Zeppelin, but it took me actually standing clear of the hype and the history and the constant "classic rock" radio play (a genre I don't particularly care for), and actually buying the albums, to really appreciate how great these guys were.

Information: Led Zeppelin
Suggested first purchase/album: Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso)
Suggested best of: Early Days and Latter Days

Led Zeppelin (1969) -- Who knew the blues could be so cool? Every song on this record is pretty amazing, and I'm sure it would have simply destroyed me back in 1969 (even after hearing The Beatles and everything else). Brand new stuff. A

Led Zeppelin II (1969) -- I suppose this is where all of "wank rock" came from, based on the long guitar solos, rambling drum solos, and everything else. Here, of course, it's not bad (though the wank rock itself is), but something original. A very rockin', spooky album. A

Led Zeppelin III (1970) -- Though it's really good, it doesn't have the same appeal to me as the first. I guess I like loud Zeppelin. Again, though, this is really really good, and often I'm in the mood for it more than the loud stuff. B

Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso) (1971) -- The classic. You can't go wrong with "Black Dog," "Rock and Roll," "The Battle of Evermore," "Stairway To Heaven" (remember that one?), the wonderfully-goofy "Misty Mountain Hop," "Four Sticks," "Going To California," and "When the Levee Breaks." Ain't a thang wrong with it. A

Houses of the Holy (1973) -- This album is a lot more light than the previous ones, and it works. Much of the album is actually hilarious, whether it was meant to be or not. Everything's a standout. A

Physical Graffiti (1975) -- A double album, with the good and bad that comes with double albums. The album starts off really slow for me (one of the songs is 11 minutes long) until we get to stuff like "Houses of the Holy," "Kashmir," and some of the other stuff that works pretty well. It seems like the band is dying a little at this point, but maybe that's just me. B

Presence (1976) -- Pretty good stuff, better than the previous because it's shorter (even though there are some long songs). Very listenable. B

In Through the Out Door (1979) -- Good, pretty tight, final album.  Highlights include "Fool in the Rain" and the cool ballad of "All of My Love." B

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