Liam Lynch

The Sifl and Olly guy. He's radi-cool.  He sometimes records with Matt Crocco, his puppet partner.

See Sifl and Olly

Information: 111 Productions
Suggested first purchase: Fake Songs

Like It Liam Lynch / Matt Crocco: Camp Sunny Side Up (1999) -- A four-track concept album of camp songs (sort of) is the centerpiece for this album, with some bonus-y (and probably better) stuff opening and closing the collection, some of which will later be found on Liam Lynch's Fake Songs album (some of the other songs are also found in other forms on the Sifl and Olly show). It's pretty funny stuff in that Sifl and Olly way.

Really Like It Liam Lynch: Fake Songs (2003) -- One of the few comedy albums you can actually listen to often, but not quite in the same plane as something like Ween or The Frogs, where it actually goes beyond comedy. Most of the stuff he does here, he does pretty successfully, and Liam Lynch is just an ultra-cool guy to begin with. Highlights include "SOS," "United States of Whatever," "Electrician's Day," "Rapbot," "Horny Kind of Love," and "Sir Track." (The CD also comes with a DVD, which is even more wonderful than the CD.)

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