The Lightning Seeds

Ian Broudie is a cute nerd who writes dreamy romance pop songs. You should like him.

Information: The Works of Ian Broudie
Suggested First Purchase: Cloudcuckooland

Cloudcuckooland (1989) -- The hit song "Pure" was a great little alterna-classic from the late 80s, and much of the rest of this album reaches about its level of goodness. The album flies by quickly, which usually makes you wanna play it again. B

Sense (1992) -- Where Cloudcuckooland was a pretty addictive album with great little songs, in spite of (or because of) the slick 80s production, here it feels like the songs are just okay, and the production gets in the way a bit (and sounds really dated at this point when you think of other albums coming out at the time). A bit of a letdown, but worth having if you liked the first one well enough. B

Jollification (1998) -- An improvement over Sense, but still not at the same level as the debut album.  In the end, the Lightning Seeds simply make "good songs," which sometimes is enough, but sometimes you want something more interesting.  There's something inoffensive about them.  This album features "Change," the song from Clueless. B

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