Marshmallow Peeps

The marshmallow Easter candies come to life and sing bubblegum pop songs for us.

Information: Marshmallow Peeps
Suggested First Purchase: Sing Along: 14 Sweet Tweets

Sing Along: 14 Sweet Tweets (2001) -- Everyone loves Peeps, whether or not they actually like to eat them.  Somehow it makes sense to have the Peeps singing these candy pop songs like "ABC" and the "Locomotion," not to mention some of the more birdy songs like "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" and "Rockin' Robin."  Often the songs are just high-pitched versions of the originals, but sometimes there's a bit of a spin put on them, like the chicken clucks in "The Mahna-Mahna Song," and sometimes the dumbness of the Peeps singing makes the songs that much more enjoyable, especially for the children this album was made for.  The original songs here are sometimes dumb or sappy.  Everyone, by the way, should hear the sadness of the little boy on this album singing "I Believe I Can Fly." B

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