Screaming vocals and guitars for people who hate screaming vocals and guitars.  Welsh superstars.  Rock!

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Suggested First Purchase: McLusky Do Dallas
Suggested best of: McLuskyism

Really Like It My Pain and Sadness Is More Sad and Painful Than Yours (2000)

Really Like It McLusky Do Dallas (2002) -- The album starts off kickass with "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues."  It doesn't keep that frantic pace up, but it pretty much does.  "Collagen Rock" could have been a radio hit if it would have been released in the year 2015 or so.  "Alan Is a Cowboy Killer" shows that McLusky is a pretty funny band too, though in a subtle way.  Loud rock music for people who don't like loud rock music.

Really Like It The Difference Between Me and You Is That I'm Not On Fire (2004) -- Songs that will rock your balls.  The famous Steve Albini production works perfectly with a band that might get too loud and screamy and carried away if someone weren't there to rein them in.  The opening track, "Without MSG I'm Nothing," is the best--an infectious "whoo whoo whoo" verse followed by the even more infectious chant of "Everywhere I look is a darkness!"  Andy Falkous has one of the best voices I've heard in a while.  The second song (not actually produced by Albini), "That Man Will Not Hang," is less dependant on empty space and more grating, but in an excellent way, and it has a great chant too--this time the title of the song.  The third song, "She Will Only Bring You Happiness," is the most poppy and melodic of the record, showing the range McLusky has.  "Forget About Him I'm Mint" and "1956 and All That" are the other highlights of the album, which isn't to say that rest of the songs aren't good, just a little more draggy or something.  But all the songs are very cool.  Too bad this was their last album.

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