Moby came to my attention in 1991 with "Go" since I liked Twin Peaks and he used "Laura Palmer's Theme." I liked a few things here and there I heard, like "Into the Blue," and after everyone insisted how great Play was, I picked it up for myself. I don't like techno or ambiance or dance or whatever you call it all that well, so anyone who spoon-feeds it is fine by me, since "real" ambiance just sounds to me like noodling crap.

Information: Moby
Suggested first purchase/album: Play
Suggested best of: Songs 1993-1998

Play (1999) -- It wasn't the best album around, but it was one of the best of the ones featured on the radio. The highlights were the gospel ones ("Honey," "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?," "Natural Blues," and "Run On") while some of the others stood out as well (the decent enough "South Side" and "Bodyrock"). A lot of it for me as a non-ambiance fan is just decent background music, sometimes not decent. B

18 (2002) -- Although the highlights from Play outshine this album, the album is more consistently good, less boring. Some of the highlights from this are the Play-like ones, but also the other dreamy songs that are included. B

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