Morphine is a sax, slide bass, and drum band with sexxy vocals and lyrics whose albums sounds the same, one right after another. But who cares if they all sound the same if they're good, and it changes just enough anyway.

Information: Morphine
Suggested first purchase/album: Cure for Pain
Suggested best of: The Best of Morphine

Good (1992) -- All Morphine albums sound about the same, so it's hard to review them. This one is good, pun intended. B

Cure for Pain (1993) -- Changing the sound ever-so-slightly. This one has the cool feel guys playing at a night club, lots of rocking. B

Yes (1995) -- Some of the most memorable numbers are on this one. The driving "Honey White" and the super-sexy "Super Sex." Definitely a "doin' it" album. B

Like Swimming (1997) -- "Potion," "French Fries With Pepper," and "Eleven O'Clock" are the highlights on this one. B

B-Sides and Otherwise (1997) -- Appropriately enough, their oddball release, since their B-sides (and otherwise) are less straightforward and more experimental than their other tracks. Worth getting if you're looking for a slightly-different Morphine sound. B

The Night (2000) -- A very nice, consistent album, released after lead singer Mark Sandman's death. B

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