Moxy Früvous

Nutty Canadian band who sound like a more barber shop quartet version of They Might Be Giants, only more political. They have fun and funny albums, and they also have boring serious albums.

Information: Früvous Dot Com
Suggested first purchase: Bargainville

Bargainville (1994) -- A very fun album of catchy songs, killer harmonies, and everything that makes Moxy Fruvous great (when they are great). Highlights include "B.J. Don't Cry," "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors," and "King of Spain." B

You Will Go to the Moon (1997) -- Pretty fun album to pull out from time to time for zany songs. Not as inspired as many from their debut Bargainville, however. The highlights are "Get in the Car," "No No Raja," "Kick in the Ass," and "You Will Go to the Moon." C

B (1990-1996, 1998) -- A collection of older stuff, this is certainly better than You Will Go To the Moon or the stuff to come. Every song is catchy, funny, harmonious, and overall good... even if some of the political issues are dated by now and the album is only a little over twenty minutes. B

Thornhill (1999) -- An incredibly boring album, overly depressing and political. Moxy Fruvous does better to get their messages across with their funny barber shop quartet songs, not whatever this is. I ended up trading it in a few days after I bought it. F

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