Natalie Merchant

Natalie Merchant used to be one of my favorite artists, but as I became more of an adult, her adult contemporary-ish style (and her herself) just got on my nerves a bit--she's still good, but just not my bag anymore.

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Information: Natalie Merchant
Suggested first purchase: Tigerlily

Tigerlily (1995) -- I loved this when it first came out, and it's still pretty good to me, even though I'm mostly just bored by Natalie Merchant these days. This album is good when you want something soft and relaxing, but still interesting enough to not just be background music. Highlights include "San Adreas Fault," "Wonder," "Carnival," and "Jealousy." B

Ophelia (1998) -- Even if I liked the music better than I do, I can't much get past the stupid cover art, with Natalie Merchant dressed as female "types" (activists, overachievers, prostitutes, etc.) which are meant to be the schizophrenic Ophelia's personalities--kinda dumb, and demonstrates Natalie Merchant's too-simple worldview. Beyond that, the music is pleasant enough, but doesn't make you want to listen to it too many times. This is the album that made me decide I didn't like Natalie Merchant too much after all. C

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