New Order

The band that formed after the Joy Division guy killed himself.  Nice electronic dance music.

Information: New Order Online
Suggested first purchase/best of: Singles
Suggested first album: Power, Corruption, and Lies

Substance (1987) -- A collection of New Order's singles to this point, and the songs on the first disc are fantastic.  Unfortunately, they include a second disc of remixes that people wanting the singles will rarely listen to.  This would be just a nice bonus, but it bumps the price of the collection up considerably and sort of ruins the overall package.  Also, New Order has a handful of popular singles after 1987 that fans will want, so they might be better to pick up a more recent hits collection. B

Singles (2005) -- Two discs full of New Order singles.  Everything is here, and it seems like this is the one to get to have everything, though for my tastes, some of the songs start blending into each other--many of them not being too memorable, especially on the second disc.  But if you take these two discs and put all your favorites on one, you're good to go. B

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