The New Pornographers

Canadian supergroup consisting of A.C. Newman, Dan Bejar, Neko Case, and others.

Information: The New Pornographers
Suggested First Purchase: Mass Romantic

Twin Cinema (2005) -- This album isn't bad to listen to, but many of the songs are a little boring or forgettable.  And even the best ones have problems.  Take "The Bleeding Heart Show," arguably the best song on the album.  The ending is great and all, but it doesn't exactly jibe with the rest of the song and seems to come out of nowhere, as if they just stumbled upon this musical bit and tried to build a song around it, patching their way to that point.  And it seems a celebration of something, but of what?  Anyone with a good sense of musical drama might save it for the end of the album for at least a climaxed closer, but on this recording it's put at track four (the hit single position) and doesn't make much sense.  "Twin Cinema" and "Sing Me Spanish Techno" are the other standouts.  Most of the rest just sounds like indie pussies trying to rock while writing bad lyrics.  But, again, it's still not a bad record to listen to.  I put it on from time to time and enjoy it. B

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