Sometimes known as Palace Brothers, sometimes Palace Songs, sometimes Palace Music, sometimes Palace, I've simply combined them all here as "Palace."  It's Will Oldham's first band, before he started using his name and Bonnie "Prince" Billy.

see Will Oldham, Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Information: The Royal Stable
Suggested first purchase: Viva Last Blues

Palace Brothers: There Is No One What Will Take Care of You (1993) -- Creepy "gospel" songs, just as much about the Devil as about God.  The standouts are "Idle Hands Are the Devil's Playthings," "Long Before," and "O Lord Are You In Need?" B

Palace Brothers: Days in the Wake (1994) -- Originally released as Palace Brothers, this is an even more stark version of the previous album. Many of the songs are very pretty, such as "I Send My Love To You," "Whither Thou Goest," and "I Am a Cinematographer." B

Palace Songs: Hope EP (1995) -- Now going under Palace Songs (there are slight differences, including a slightly more "full" sound), this EP features six songs, including "Agnes, Queen of Sorrow" and one of Oldham's earliest heartbreaking songs, "Werner's Last Blues to Blokbuster." B

Palace Music: Viva Last Blues (1995) -- Switching to Palace Music (again, the arrangements are fuller), this is the most listenable Oldham release yet and a good starting point for anyone wanting to get into his music.  Highlights include "The Brute Choir" and the most accessible songs of all, "Work Hard/Play Hard" and the perfectly beautiful "New Partner." B

Palace Music: Arise, Therefore (1996) -- Originally released as a Palace Music recording, this is now credited to "Will Oldham."  (Somewhere, somehow all these changes--even this retroactive change--make sense if you're into subtleties.)  This record isn't as good as previous releases, due in part to the use of a Maya Tone drum machine throughout. C

Palace Soundtrack: Songs Put Together For (The Broken Giant) (1996) -- Eventually re-released in 1998 under the name "Will Oldham," this organ and guitar music isn't as listenable because of its soundtrack properties. C

Palace Music: Lost Blues and Other Songs (1997) -- A collection of Palace 7" records, these sorts of compilations are hit-and-miss by their nature, but this one is mostly hit. B

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