Patsy Cline

Country music's sweetheart, famous for singing some of the most loved songs ever, such as "Crazy."

Information: Celebrating Patsy
Suggested first purchase/best of: 12 Greatest Hits
Suggested first album: Patsy Cline Showcase

Indifferent or Mixed Sweet Dreams (1985) -- The soundtrack to the movie about Patsy Cline, this is a weird collection since it gathers lots of Patsy Cline's greatest hits, but only her vocals are original.  All of the backing instruments were re-recorded in 1985 for the soundtrack (I guess to update the sound for the movie).  So it's an oddity for Patsy Cline fans or people who, for whatever reason, especially liked the movie's arrangements (I have it for even weirder reasons I won't go into), but if you're looking for a real collection, get something like 12 Greatest Hits or Gold.

Really Like It Gold (2005) -- In a way, all you really need from Patsy Cline is 12 Greatest Hits, since those are the songs that really count, but with Gold (previously released in 2000 as The Ultimate Collection), you get -- you know -- twenty more songs.  So if you want only the songs you know, no more no less, get the first one.  If you want to hear two great discs worth of Patsy Cline, however, and have a few extra bucks, get this one.

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