Paul Giovanni

Composer of the soundtrack to The Wicker Man.

Information: Wikipedia
Suggested First Purchase: The Wicker Man

Like It The Wicker Man (1974/ 2002) -- A soundtrack from the 1974 movie that was thought to be lost.  But eventually the master tapes were discovered and this soundtrack was put out in 2002.  The movie is unique (a semi-horror that's also a musical) and the soundtrack (by Paul Giovanni and his collective of musicians known as Magnet) was a bit part of it.  It consists of very good Celtic-style pop songs as well as the incidental music from the film.  The standouts are "Corn Rigs," "Gently Johnny," "Maypole," and "Willow's Song."  Fans of the movie will want this, and anyone who hears it will be probably interested in seeing the movie.

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