The Polyphonic Spree

A bunch of guys and gals in choir robes singing 60s-ish happy happy music, hippie style. Think Jesus Christ Superstar or Godspell.

Information: The Polyphonic Spree
Suggested first purchase: The Beginning Stages of...

The Beginning Stages of... (2002) -- One part inspired greatness and two parts wasted good idea. Songs like "Have a Day/Celebratory," "It's the Sun," and "Light and Day/Reach for the Sun" really work for what they're up to, and songs like "Days Like This Keep Me Warm" are just pretty, but some of the songs in the middle are not quit as interesting, and after that all that's left is a 36 minute long noise track (that really really doesn't belong here). So... pretty great, but also not so much. B

The Polyphonic Spree (2003) -- A bonus disc that came with the re-release of The Beginning Stages of... and arguably better. There's a very good single version of "Reach for the Sun" (though it's not listed on the packaging), some lively radio recordings of songs, a single version of "Soldier Girl," and an orchestral version of "Light and Day." It's almost like the band should have focused on the song-ness of the real album instead of the crazy swoopiness, since the songs here on the bonus are great. B

Together We're Heavy (2004) -- More of the same. Something that could be cool is instead long and dragging and not that exciting in spite of what it claims to be. I'm pretty sure I don't like the Spree at this point. B

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