The Postal Service

Two guys who make Magnetic Fieldsy (but more "bleepy") music by sending it back and forth in the mail.

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Information: Sub-Pop
Suggested first purchase: Give Up

Give Up (2003) -- If there's a problem with this album, it's that the lyrics are too perfect. And, no, that's not meant as a crazy compliment; it's an actual problem. Gibbard pretty much sums it up in his own lines from "Clark Gable," saying, "I want life in every word to the sense that it's absurd." He basically makes me want them to break down and have a big chorus that says nothing but "Yeah yeah yeah, baby baby, I love you..." We sort of need that every now and then. Too much attention to lyrical detail aside, the album is consistently great, with not a skippable track to be found. Highlights include "The District Sleeps Alone Tonight," "Such Great Heights," and "Nothing Better." B

"Such Great Heights" (2003) -- An odd single, in that it not only contains a B-side, but also two more tracks of other bands covering The Postal Service. A pretty interesting idea actually, and the two songs included are very good. B

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