The Raveonettes

Danish couple who present a stylized biker version of the 1950s who channel stuff like "The Leader of the Pack" by way of The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Information: The Raveonettes
Suggested First Purchase: Chain Gang of Love

Chain Gang of Love (2003) -- If the Jesus and Mary Chain replaced its alternative coolness with a love for straight-up 1950s hep-ness.  The sound might either get old for some people, or -- worse -- just make you want to pull out your old records (rendering the band next to pointless), but the songs are fun and sound good while they're playing.  "That Great Love Sound" is the standout. B

Love in a Trashcan (2005) -- One of the problems with the last album is that sometimes the songs sounded so much like the songs they were emulating that they were barely worth listening to in the first place.  But with the first album, at least they had the added bonus of sounding like the Jesus and Mary Chain's Psychocandy; with this one, that production value is gone and the songs just sound like doo-wop, but without the energy and fun.  It was a coup to land Ronnie Spector to sing on one of their tracks, but it just sounds like a less-than-average Phil Spector song instead of something new they could have written for her (wouldn't that be nice, to hear her doing something besides "Be My Little Baby" one more time?).  In spite of these complaints, many of the melodies are nice and somewhat memorable, making the album worth listening to. B

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