Hillbilly Eurodance.

Information: Rednex
Suggested first purchase/album: Sex & Violins

Sex & Violins (1995) -- Fun album with a simple premise: take exaggerated hillbilly country music and fuse it with dance club music, complete with keyboard-created fiddles and goofy accents and hollers.  And they're from Sweden!  The most successful songs are the ones that follow this formula: "Cotton Eye Joe," "Hittin' the Hay," "Riding Alone," "Mary Lou," "Old Pop in an Oak," "Fat Sally Lee," "Shooter," and "Wild and Free."  The remaining five songs are interesting in their own right and might confuse people who are only used to the dance songs, since some are slow (and sweet) country songs and some are more experimental narratives.  It's not everyone's taste, and it's unapologetically cartoony, but that's what I like about it.  I like it more now than I did when "Cotton Eye Joe" was a semi-novelty radio hit. B

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