Rilo Kiley

Pretty good new band.

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Information: Rilo Kiley
Suggested first purchase: The Execution of All Things

Take-Offs and Landings (2001) -- A good solid album. There aren't as many stand-out songs as the next album, but this was a great start for this nice, simple band. B

The Execution of All Things (2002) -- Although it seems like there's nothing special about it at first glance, something about this album works for me. Jenny Lewis has a cute and strong voice, and the songs themselves are really really catchy and even sing-alongable. Some of the little fiddly-bits like the circus songs scattered throughout get in the way of the more solid songs, but not too much. B

More Adventurous (2004) -- "It's a Hit," the opener, might be the best song Rilo Kiley's done. Anyway, it's pretty addictive to me. The rest of the album is very solid too. At this point, Rilo Kiley just confuses me as a really good band that seemed to have come from nowhere. I'm still not sure how they fit in the larger context. B

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