The Rolling Stones

Everyone knows who the Rolling Stones are--you probably know more than I do.

Information: Rolling Stones
Suggested first purchase/best of: Forty Licks
Suggested first album: Aftermath

Flowers (1967) -- Hard for me to judge this one: because I'm not a very knowlegeable Stones person yet and because I understand this album has some mix-n-match controversy surrouding its merit, but I pretty much dig what's on it. "Ruby Tuesday" is great. B

Steel Wheels (1989) -- The comeback craze of 1989 caught some people, and I got this album for a Christmas present and ended up enjoying it, though I didn't know too much about the Stones at the time (and still don't). It's got some classics like "Sad Sad Sad" and "Mixed Emotions" and a few other standout numbers. B

Forty Licks (2002) -- Currently the best collection of Rolling Stones songs for casual fans, though it's missing "Waiting on a Friend," "Time Is On My Side," and a few others that could have easily replaced the not as well known songs, and that certainly could have replaced the new songs that no one buying a greatest hits collection is going to care about. For the most part, though, this is one good song after the other (especially the first disc) and you'll realize while listening how cool the band was. B

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