Sam Prekop

Sam Prekop is the lead singer for The Sea and Cake who also makes his own jazzy records with most of the Sea and Cake members.

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Sam Prekop (1999) -- Often there are good reasons that people go solo from their bands, and the best reason is to make music that the artists couldn't otherwise make within the limitations of the band they're in. For Sam Prekop, there must have been another reason, since this release sounds more or less like a Sea and Cake album. One thing he's doing is taking the sound back to the "old school" of The Sea and Cake which is less reliant on the Tortoisy bleeps and post-rock-ness of that band and more on the jazz that fueled the early recordings. But the thing he's not necessarily doing is making that jazz as distinctive. I hate jazz, basically, and so it has to have a certain rock flavor to it for me to swallow it, and unfortunately for me (though probably fortunately for many) this is more jazz and less anything else. And, like all jazz that I tolerate, it makes for pleasant background noise but not really anything to sit and pay attention to, like I could do most of the Sea and Cake albums. C

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