Lou Barlow and Sentridoh

I'm calling this page "Lou Barlow and Sentridoh," though sometimes it's just Sentridoh, sometimes Lou Barlow, something Lou Barlow and Friends, etc.  Basically this is stuff he does by himself, typically more stripped-down than Sebadoh, the earlier stuff appearing in cassette form.

see Sebadoh, The Folk Implosion, The 6ths

Information: Loobiecore
Suggested first purchase: Emoh

Lou Barlow's Acoustic Sentridoh: Winning Losers--A Collection of Home Recordings (1994) -- "A Collection of Home Recordings" is ten songs of the "best" tracks from an old cassette called Losers. It's difficult listening, but makes up for itself every now and then. D

Lou Barlow and Friends: Another Collection of Home Recordings (1994) -- This is easier to listen to than most of Barlow's Sentridoh albums (this one isn't technically Sentridoh, though the sub-title "Another Collection of Home Recordings" makes it almost a sequel to Winning Losers). The songs, at least at the first of the album, are more playful and less introspective, opening with a cover of Bryan Adams' "Run To You" which makes it worth the purchase. C

Lou Barlow: Emoh (2005) -- After years of releasing messy stuff with Sebadoh and Sentridoh, Barlow uses his own name here and releases his most consistent album (even more so, perhaps, than the most polished Folk Implosion album).  All the songs are pretty, well-played, well-recorded, and well-sung, even the ones that aren't as interesting and fade into the background.  The standouts include "Holding Back the Year," "Home," the Ratt cover "Round-n-Round," and "Mary," probably Barlow's best song since "Willing To Wait." B

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