My favorite "crossover" Spanish-singing artist.  In addition to her pretty good songs, she has an insane way of dancing that I love.

Suggested First Purchase: Laundry Service

Like It Laundry Service (2001) -- This album has Shakira's first really big hits: "Objection (Tango)" (probably the best song on the album), "Underneath Your Clothes" (one of the best love tunes since "Eternal Flame"--they even sound alike), "Whenever, Wherever," and an English version of her Spanish song "Ojos Asi" (from her previous album) called "Eyes Like Yours."  The end of the album contains Spanish versions of "Objection" and "Whenever, Wherever."  The rest is average-to-decent pop songs: nothing bad, but nothing you'll miss when the greatest hits album eventually comes out.

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