The Shit-Eating Grins

Chris Park and Mudhole are two guys from Sanatorium, Mississippi and elsewhere who make the most profane music in the world.

Information: What Jail Is Like
Suggested first purchase: Here's a Little Present. I Made It Just for You.

Here's a Little Present. I Made It Just for You. (1999) -- The most repulsive collection of profanities and images I have ever heard in a recording, and probably elsewhere. Leaves "shockers" like 2 Live Crew, Adam Sandler, and their kind in the dust. But it's not just music made for the sake of being offensive (though it mostly is), since the music itself is rather good: best described as militant folk music, as evidenced by the lyric "if it ain't folk then it ain't shit" and the instrument of guitar-only. It's interesting listening, but be prepared to wash your ears out after you're done. B

Here's Another Present. I Claimed It Just For You. (2003) -- "Worse" (wrongness-wise) than the first album, if you can believe it. But also better. The music is better, the production is better, the lyrics are more solid (such as they are)... and, you know, it's just more dirty and funny than the first one. The SEGs aren't for everyone, but if you like this sort of wrong humor, then this is a pretty great album. B

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