The Sims

You can't buy Sims music on regular CDs yet, but if you're as goofy as me, you can take the music from the game and put them on blank CDs to listen to when you're not playing.

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The Sims (2000) -- Yeah, these are games, not albums, but I'm just referring to the music. This is the original, the one that has all the great building and buying music as well as some of the radio stations. B

Livin' Large (2000) -- I'm not sure when some of the music came out, or if there was anything new in Livin' Large. So let's just say it was good. B

House Party (2001) -- This expansion pack definitely had lots of great new music, like the new rap music and other dance genres. B

Hot Date (2001) -- From what I can tell, this added some EZ listening music and probably more music for being out on the town. B

Vacation (2002) -- Some cool beach music added with this one. B

Unleashed (2002) -- For some reason, they decided Zydeco music was appropriate for the expansion pack that included pets. Fine with me, it's fun. B

Superstar (2003) -- The music here was both old Hollywood 1940s music as well as contemporary rave music and the like. Both good.

Makin' Magic (2003) -- The last expansion pack gives us all kinds of spooky accordian waltzes. B

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